Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anything but Mundane

If you’re like me, then you dream of a fresh start. One that holds the promise of a new beginning, a new attitude, a new perspective and a new you, at least in part! That is the hope of a new year.

Like many of us, I find myself in reflection this time of year, praying for renewed strength and a clear vision for myself and my family. Above all I pray, “Lord, let my life be anything but mundane.” It can be an intimidating prayer, who knows what God will bring, what He will trust me with, what trials will come and stretch my faith? But the life of a child of God should be anything but mundane. Just the meaning of the word causes me to cringe:
of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly.

If we are not careful we can find ourselves dividing our lives into compartments; our church life, work life, social life, family life, etc. Doing so not only causes us to feel completely out of balance but also puts those things in competition with each other, often leaving us laden in guilt. God desires to give us wholeness of soul and a life full of grace. Your life will be anything but mundane when it is a life that is free and in constant fellowship with God. In every area of our life there must be allowed intercommunication. Prayer should flow like breath throughout our day as we are in constant need of

communion with our source.

It was said of the great Charles Spurgeon that he “glided from laughter to prayer with the naturalist of one who lived in both elements.” Once asked of a devout Scotsman, “Do you expect to go to heaven?”
“Why, sir, I live there,” was the reply. Walking in heaven daily is possible for the Christian whose habit of prayer is so developed that he “walks close enough to God the hear the secrets He has to impart.”
(E.M. Bounds on Prayer)

Craving a life immersed by heaven? Join me this year and commit to pray without ceasing
(I Thes 5:17); the remedy for ordinary.